Accreditation Process

Accreditation Process

 Accreditation Documents

The purpose of these documents is to describe the ATHEA accreditation process for conducting accreditation.  The ATHEA Standards for Accreditation provide the basis for evaluating institutions, as well as the internal and external quality assurance of the organisation. The Accreditation Process Manual provides the basis for evaluating institutions relative to determining accreditation.

The following documents guide and support the Accreditation Process:

  1. ATHEA Standards for Accreditation
  2. ATHEA Accreditation Process Manual
  3. ATHEA Accreditation and Candidacy Template – Self-Study (Available for Institutional Members)
  4. ATHEA Board of Commissioners Manual
  5. Site Evaluator’s Report

Site Visits

A site visit is a comprehensive, on-campus review of the institution’s programmes and operations in response to the institution’s request for institutional candidacy or accreditation. The site visit includes evaluation of the institution’s candidacy application or self-evaluation by an ATHEA site visit team.

For a candidacy application, the site visit will normally be conducted by the ATHEA Executive Director. For an accreditation self-evaluation visit, the team will consist of professionally trained peer reviewers and students.

Candidacy site-visits are scheduled individually following candidacy application submission by Institutional Members.

After the institution submits its self-evaluation, the ATHEA Board of Commissioners will designate a team of at least four professionally-trained peer reviewers, including one student, to conduct the site visit. The ATHEA Board of Commissioners selects site visit team members from a pool of well-qualified individuals with experience in the evaluation process and in higher education institutional operations.

The size of the team and the qualifications of its members are influenced by the institutions’ size, complexity, and the number of locations. For institutions that offer programmes of that are taught in a language other than English, at least one member of the site visit team will be fluent in the language of instruction.

The ATHEA Board of Commissioners is committed to avoiding potential conflicts of interest by site visit team members.

Submitting Accreditation-related Documents

Members will be required to submit various documents depending upon the institution’s accreditation schedule. Such documents include candidacy application, self-evaluation, report, and change reports. All document submissions are confidential. Unless otherwise specified, documents should be submitted in PDF format.

Accreditation documents will be submitted by e-mail to ATHEA to the following address: Dr. Singer, ATHEA’s Executive Director, will route the document to the appropriate ATHEA Board of Commissioners’ representative.

Submitting Membership Reports

All institution members of ATHEA agree to abide by the accreditation policies and procedures of ATHEA. The institution will keep ATHEA fully informed of its activities.

Any activity or change within the institution and/or the institution that materially alters the status of the faculty, the curricula, the resources in support of the institution, or other issues that might affect its compliance with the Accreditation Standards and Expectations must be reported to ATHEA.