ATHEA Board of Commissioners

The governance of ATHEA is described in its bylaws. The ATHEA Board of Directors focuses on the association's membership. The ATHEA Board of Commissioners is the independent accreditation decision-making body of ATHEA and is elected by the organisation’s membership in accordance with the ATHEA bylaws.

ATHEA Accredited is the actual accreditation service provided by ATHEA.

The ATHEA Board of Commissioners was initially appointed at ATHEA's Membership Meeting in October 2015.

Nitesh Sughnani

External Reviewer, ATHEA Board of Commissioners

Nitesh Sughnani is the Senior Quality Assurance Manager for the University Quality Assurance International Board at the Higher Education Department for the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai, UAE. Nitesh Sughnani is currently pursuing a DBA – Higher Education Management - at the University of Bath, UK, and has completed his MBA with Murdoch University. Nitesh, has been with the KHDA for over 7 years and is responsible for managing the quality assurance activities of UQAIB and works closely with the International Branch Campuses in Dubai for the purpose of their UQAIB reviews. The University Quality Assurance International Board (UQAIB) is a board of leading international higher education quality assurance experts established by the authority of KHDA. It has responsibility for reviewing HEP Branches using an Equivalency Validation Model and making recommendations to KHDA accordingly. UQAIB also validates the academic programmes of HEP Branches for the purpose of Program Registration. UQAIB is a member of INQAAHE and has several international partnerships with quality assurance agencies.

Current Members of the Board of Commissioners

Oliver Olson

  Chair - Maastricht School of Management   

Matthew Andrews

  Co-Chair - International School of Management

Manuel Kleijmeer

  External Member

Donna Roberts

  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Europe  

Nitesh Sughani

  External member

Jan Vanherck

  United International Business School  


ATHEA Board of Commissioners - May 2016
From the left
Front: Nitesh Sughnani, Matthew Andrews.
Back: Manuel Kleijmer, Jan Vanherck, Robert Walton, Oliver Olsen

The Board of Commissioners reviews and evaluates requests for accreditation, and determines the accreditation status of all ATHEA institution members. The ATHEA Board of Commissioners is responsible for maintaining and updating the ATHEA Accreditation Process Manual and associated documents.