Policies of the ATHEA Board of Directors

Members of the ATHEA Board of Directors are elected from the membership of the association and serve 3-year terms. The Board of Directors lead the organisation in accordance with the bylaws of the association.

The Association is a nonprofit organization and promotes the following activities:

The Board of Directors manages the Association. It is the "management body" as defined by the Law of Associations 2002 (Vereinsgesetzes 2002). It is assigned all tasks, which are not assigned to another body of the Association. The following tasks are specifically assigned to it:

  1. Create an accounting system for the Association to record, as a minimum, its income/expenses and assets.
  2. Create a budget, the annual report, and the annual statement of accounts.
  3. Prepare and call the General Assembly in cases of § 9 sect. 1 und sect. 2 lit. a – c of this charter.
  4. Inform the members about the activities of the Association, the financial status, and the audited annual report.
  5. Administrate the assets of the Association.
  6. Accept and dismiss full and affiliate members.
  7. Hire and dismiss the Executive Director.

ATHEA's Charter regulates the governance, structure, and operations of the organisation. It is posted to this page.

ATHEA Charter - English
The ATHEA Charter that was filed in Vienna, Austria to establish the association (English Version 02).
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