Peer Review and Site Visits

After the institution submits its self-evaluation, the ATHEA Board of Commissioners will designate a team of professionally-trained peer reviewers, including one student, to conduct the site visit. The ATHEA Board of Commissioners selects site visit team members from a pool of well-qualified individuals with experience in the evaluation process and in higher education institutional operations.

The Chair of the team will be responsible for assuring that the site visit is conducted objectively. The size of the team and the qualifications of its members are influenced by the institutions’ size, complexity, and number of locations. For institutions that offer programmes of that are taught in a language other than English, at least one member of the site visit team will be fluent in the language of instruction.

The ATHEA Board of Commissioners is committed to avoiding potential conflicts of interest by site visit team members. The following guidelines will be used to determine site visit team composition: