The day-to-day activities of ATHEA are managed, supervised, and led by the ATHEA Staff. The Executive Director is the senior executive in charge of the staff. The Executive Director is appointed by the ATHEA Board of Directors. The ATHEA Office is located in Vienna, Austria. To contact the office, call +43 1 2297163 or email

Dr. Günther Singer

ATHEA Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Günther Singer, born in Austria, is specialized in the areas of leadership and human resource management, change and performance management as well as the accreditation of institutions in higher education. In his career he held various positions: CEO, Academic Director, Dean, Senior Researcher, Sales Manager, Regional Director Europe for an US Accreditation Organization. He has been working internationally as a consultant to companies for over 25 years. Dr. Singer designs and implements corporate change processes and supports them as a coach and management developer. As a lecturer Dr. Singer focuses on graduate and postgraduate courses. He has been involved in accreditation processes of higher education institutions for various accreditation bodies as chief academic officer, self-study coordinator and evaluator.

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           Rauhensteingasse 7/24

           1010 Vienna - Austria

           +43 1 2297163