Institutional Members Directory

Institutional membership is the entry into ATHEA and the starting point for all institutional members who may seek accreditation. The institution must have legal authorization to operate as a tertiary educational institution, have students in a programme of higher education, be in existence for at least 1 year, and offer and teach their own institution’s programmes. If, for example, an institution is teaching for another institution but has no academic programmes of their own, they could not be an Institutional Member.

An Institutional Member who has completed all of the requirements for candidacy status as stated in the Accreditation Policy Manual will be a considered a candidate for accreditation. The Institutional Member must have graduates of the programme and be in existence for at least 3 years. The specific term used to state the outcome a positive outcome for candidacy is ATHEA-Candidate. In the ATHEA Charter, the specific membership category is Candidate Member. The member therefore becomes an ATHEA Candidate Member, having been granted candidacy status by the Board of Commissioners.

Once an ATHEA Candidate completes a self-evaluation, hosts a site evaluation, and is accepted into accreditation status by the Board of Commissioners, the institution is awarded accreditation. The Candidate Member must have at least 2 cycles of graduates from their institution. In the ATHEA Charter, the specific membership category is Accredited Member. The Candidate Member therefore becomes an ATHEA Accredited Member, having been granted accreditation by the Board of Commissioners.

BSN Business School Netherlands

Business School Netherlands (BSN)

Business School Netherlands (BSN) offers MBA, DBA and Executive Management Programmes through Action learning since 1988. These programmes are offered locally and Internationally. BSN has educational sites in 14 countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa and is World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) affiliate in The Netherlands.

Horizons University

Horizons University

Horizons University seeks to provide a practical, one-on-one learning experience for students through innovative study opportunities, a strong global focus, and personalized instruction tailored to individual learning goals. Horizons University was founded in 1998. Horizons is a nonprofit, on-campus and online business and liberal arts University. Horizons University offers a variety of accredited degree programs in the business field (BBA, MBA and DBA programs) along with online Masters degrees in International Education, Cross-Cultural Communication and French Language and Culture.

ISM International School of Management

International School of Management (ISM)

Headquartered in Paris, and with partner institutions in New York, Shanghai, New Delhi, São Paulo and Cape Town, the International School of Management (ISM) gives students the global perspective they need to thrive as modern business leaders. Our accredited IMBA, DBA and PhD offer high-level executives the flexibility to study around their busy professional and personal lives. Our degrees are taught in small, diverse groups to maximise contact with our world-class professors, and to heighten exposure to different ideas and business cultures. ISM students also become part of a supportive community of alumni and staff. This community serves as their global professional network, giving them access to a lifetime of cross-cultural ideas and career opportunities.

MSM Maastricht School of Management

Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

Founded in 1952, Maastricht School of Management (MSM) is one of the oldest and most international business schools in the Netherlands. MSM offers research-driven and internationally accredited programs in management, amongst others MBA, Master and Doctorate degrees programs. Its research-based Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program is ranked number two in the world. Additionally MSM offers many shorter professional and executive courses, as well as tailor-made programs in a broad range of expertise areas specifically designed to help organizations successfully deal with today’s global market challenges. MSM is located in the beautiful historical city of Maastricht in the Netherlands – right in the heart of Europe. MSM offers its programs in Maastricht and across the world through collaboration with various partner institutions. Around 1,000 students graduate every year from MSM’s programs, and MSM alumni occupy top positions in business, government and academia. MSM has been recognized for its innovativeness by the Association of MBA’s (AMBA), and for its contribution to the internationalization of Dutch Higher Education, by the Nuffic.

UIBS United International Business Schools

United International Business Schools (UIBS)

Dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, the United International Business Schools organization (UIBS) is an independent and accredited private higher education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. UIBS offers flexible business and management studies at the Undergraduate/Bachelor/BBA, Graduate/Master/MBA and Postgraduate/Doctor/DBA level.

VSEM University of Economics and Management Prague

University of Economics and Management (VSEM)

University of Economics and Management (VSEM) was founded in 2001. VSEM realize study programs in economic and social areas (Bachelor, Master, MBA, Ph.D. degree) for nearly 3 000 students. VSEM supports freedom of thinking, research, and the expression of opinions and ideas. Internationalization is our core value, touching directly on issues of social and curricular relevance, institutional quality and prestige, and national competitiveness and innovation potential. VSEM represents the higher education enterprise that proudly welcomes students from all over the world. VSEM combines its master programmes with start-up accelerator facilities for student entrepreneurs to whom we offer mentoring services, investment grants, office space and equipment and other support. Located in heart of Europe, Prague that is considered as the leading location for start-up accelerator activities in the region, attracted by investors from all over the world.